WHEN is the best time to have a FENG SHUI AUDIT?

It is a MUST to have a Feng Shui audit before renovations because:

1. IT’S AN OPERATION. A renovation to our house is just like an operation to our body. A thorough check is necessary to gauge the condition and what’s need to be done to make it better.

2. TO AVOID COSTLY MISTAKES (I have come across many cases where the newly renovated house was done before consulting any Feng Shui masters which resulted in many financial losses & serious health issues.

If you have never had any Feng Shui audit for your house before, you should have it soonest possible because:

1. An audit will let you be aware of the potentials or shortcomings which can be rectified or improved.

2. Ignorance is not a bliss. Unawareness will not help to make things better.



“Shall I choose a caesarean date for my baby?”

The above question is similar to asking “Shall I plan for my baby?”

Although the due dates could be just within the range of 2 weeks, BUT the difference of one day or one hour could be heaven or hell.

“Can I just simply choose a good date from the almanac/ tong shu?”

No, you can’t because it is not as simple as you think.

It depends on the gender of the baby, need to match with the parents, require a balance of the 5 elements, etc.

Nevertheless, failing to plan shouldn’t be an excuse for us when things are not happening in our favor.

I do provide date selection service for caesarean. Please contact me directly if you require more information.


Contrary to popular belief, DIRECTION is not the first thing that we check for house selection.

A professional FENG SHUI compass also commonly known as luopan, has a lot more crucial information than the direction, to determine if the property is good or not. Do have a glimpse.

✅ The FIRST thing to check is the ENVIRONMENT of the house. The surroundings of the house will determine the energy in that area.

Eg: If too near to High Tension Cable, it is bad for health.

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4 Factors that affect Feng Shui:


Feng Shui is about Qi/energy Flow. A good environment with mountains and water at the right places will automatically produce good qi/energy just like the previous two excellent examples. Bill Gates and Li Ka-Shing’s house.

If you don’t know how to recognize a good environment, at least learn to avoid a bad one. Avoid houses that are facing  T-junctions because they produce strong crashing qi/energy which is bad for occupants of the house. 

How does a BEST Feng Shui house look like?

This is Bill Gate’s House. It has the BEST FENG SHUI LANDFORM which is in accordance to ancient text, backed by a mountain, embraced on the left and right with a big bright hall in front, facing water, a big beautiful lake.

The distance of water is much nearer to Mr Gate’s house compared to Uncle Li’s house which we have seen earlier. Therefore, Mr Gate’s Feng Shui is much more superior, making him the richest man on earth for almost 2 decades (20 years).

WHY only 2 decades? I will elaborate in my upcoming blog on FACTORS that affect FENG SHUI soon.

Billionaire’s Feng Shui

How is our rags-to riches hero, BILLIONAIRE Li Ka-Shing’s house FENG SHUI?

It conforms to ideal FENG SHUI landforms. Backed by mountain, nicely embraced both left and right, with water in front.
Although the natural water, the bay is slightly further away, he has made a swimming pool and has a nice bright hall to collect energy within his house vicinity.

When I was presenting a Feng Shui talk to a group of enthuasist some time back, citing the ideal Feng Shui formation as above mentioned, someone in the group voiced out that it’s not easy to find such formation.

Of course, it’s not easy, that’s why there aren’t many billionaires around.


Let’s look at FENG SHUI of an iconic place in Malaysia as suggested by my friend, Dato’ James Foo.
KLCC has a big compound with a nice water feature that faces a nice park where many locals like to bring their children for picnic on weekends.

From FENG SHUI perspective, the big compound with water feature and the park is a gigantic BIG BRIGHT HALL, an excellent Feng Shui feature just like the Rockefeller Center in US.

How prosperous is this iconic place?

1. KLCC twin towers is one of the attraction to tourists who are flocking in from far and near.

2. KLCC Suria is a shopping haven to tourists and locals, home to many retail outlets which has one of the highest traffic & sales revenue.

3. KLCC convention center is a venue for many large events, exhibitions & trade fairs that generated millions of sales revenue.

Are those Feng Shui features happened to be there by coincidence? What do you think?
My friend, Rizal Azis confirmed that KLCC was planned in a way with reference to FENG SHUI. His friend was involved with the project (heydays). FENG SHUI was definitely part of it.