Generally our luck can be divided into 3 categories that added up to 100%:


Fate / Heaven Luck
(命 / 天时)

governs 33.3% of your luck

We use Ba Zi 八字profiling system based on your date and time of birth to extract out your DNA or blue print to analyze your heaven luck or fate. This factor is beyond our control.

Those that are born with a silver spoon, generally have a good set of Ba Zi. Through karmic luck, they are born to the right wealthy parents at the right timing. But fret not, your Ba Zi only constitutes 33.3% of your overall luck and you have 66.7% chance to improve your luck to be better.

Self made man like Hong Kong’s richest billionaire, Li Ka Shing is an exemplary, he does not have a fantastic Ba Zi but he made it through the balance of 66.7% by moving to a better environment in Hong Kong (Feng Shui) and sheer hard work (People Luck).

In short, Ba Zi 八字 is a diagnostic tool for our Health, Wealth & Relationships.

Environmental / Earth Luck
(风水 / 地利)

governs 33.3% of your luck

We are in control of this factor to a certain extent. If we position ourselves at the right and healthy environment, we can definitely have access to more and better opportunities. We can use Feng Shui 风水to tap into the positive energy of the environment by positioning ourselves and our property at the right location. This is a tool most widely used by successful businessmen to propel their businesses to greater heights.

Feng Shui 风水 is an ancient Chinese wisdom now commonly known as metaphysical science that was developed to guide and help individuals live harmoniously with the environment. In other words, it allows us to maximize our Earth/Environmental Luck, in accordance with our Heaven Luck – a diagnosis made possible by using Bazi 八字. The key word here is to seek ‘balance’.

Someone living in Africa will definitely have different environmental luck compared to someone living in USA. This explains why despite the fact that many people are born on the same day & time, they all ended up with different outcomes in different parts of the world.

In other words, Feng Shui 风水 is an environmental improvement tool for us to enhance and improve our Earth Luck, directly improving our health, wealth and relationships.

Man Luck
(运 / 人和)

governs 33.3% of your luck

As the name implied, ‘Man Luck’ is referring to the action by man that directly affects his or her luck. This is where your action determines your result and we are definitely in control of this factor. Working hard and working smart is the key here.

I am sure you have heard of the Sun Tzu Art of War and how the business gurus have adapted and adopted them into business strategies. Qi Men Dun Jia is an ancient form of divination, part of the Chinese Metaphysics used by the emperors to help them deploying the right strategies to win their wars. It is famously used by Zhu Ge Liang at The Battle of Red Cliffs during the Three Kingdom era. The good news is now, we can make use of Qi Men Dun Jia to forecast and deploy the right strategies to win in our business dealings and help us make any sound important decisions.

Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲is a powerful forecasting and strategy tool to improve our Man Luck, chances in winning.

Reiki靈氣 is a self-healing tool to improve our health and overall well-being (body, mind and soul).