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Amanda is more than professional in providing her services. She gives complete guidance, directions, explanations and awesome support whenever you need it. Her vast knowledge in metaphysics and destiny reading provides a detailed roadmap to success. Simply follow her suggestions, recommendations and advice; and you will be well on your way to unparalleled success! She’s friendly, caring, helpful and most importantly, a true friend who helps when you’re in need of clarity. I would strongly recommend Amanda to all my friends!

Cheanu Chew
4Life Research

Chan Wai Kee


I had been encountering many issues which led me to a very low point in my life including missing parcels, loss of money and sales and even illness. At that point a good friend of mine recommended Amanda for Feng Shui consultation. I was sceptical at first but had finally gathered myself to get a consultation from Amanda. She had explained to me that my house Feng Shui was extremelly bad and in addition to that, I had accidentally acvitated the “the most dangerous“ element in my house which made things a lot more worse. Amanda had advised me to relocate to another premise as my situation was bad and would only continue to get worse. After following her advice and moving to a new location, things finally calmed down and sales began returning as well as health and other things getting back to normal. I am grateful to Amanda for being completely honest with me and guiding me towards a more fortunate life.



Insightful sessions which has helped to improve my better-me and my family, especially blessing on the arrival of my baby girl and a better life enhancement.

Ho See Wai


Thank you Amanda for your invaluable feng shui advice which helped us sell our house quickly and at a price that we were happy with inspite of the slow market! Prior to consulting with Amanda, we had our house put up for sale for 2 years with hardly any interest from buyers. But within 2 months of Amanda coming in & providing us with practical, down-to-earth feng shui advice to attract positive energy, we had multiple buyers calling for viewings and within another month, we sold our house! We subsequently worked with Amanda again to help us select a new house and to work with our Interior Designer on the renovations for the layout of the house. We have just moved in and are looking forward to enjoying our new home. We are loving it & how cosy & harmonious it feels!

Beatrice Chan


I consider myself blessed to have found Amanda at a time when I was at a low point. She has helped guide me on life and environment changes that have improved my situation tremendously. She is straightforward, honest and really professional. I have done both Bazi readings and House consultations with her and she will make things easy to understand and follow even if you are not familiar with Feng Shui principles. You would be surprised at how much Feng Shui has an effect on our every day life. She has truly made me a believer and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ernie Tan
Wilstech Sdn Bhd


Started consulting with Amanda in 2014 for a personal Bazi reading. From then on, Amanda has proven her ability and skills by giving me the right advice through my Bazi chart. I followed her advice and the effect shows right after. Later on, I did property consultation with Amanda when I bought my property in 2015. Amanda has helped me from a Feng Shui pespective all the way from choosing the right property, renovations and Feng Shui placement. My life has changed for the better after moving into the new house. All sorts of good Qi flows in after following Amanda’s advice. Positive changes in job, income and opportunities have occurred since then. Within 2 years time, my business has grown rapidly to the point where I had decided to form my own Sdn Bhd company and I continued to consult Amanda on my office Feng Shui. Thank you Amanda for making my life better by using the power of Feng Shui !!!

Wilson Low
Wilstech Sdn Bhd


From my home office, to rented office and my own office, I have been getting Feng Shui consultation from Amanda. Following her advice, couple with my efforts with my team, my business has been growing. My business is expanding fast that I’ve outgrown my existing office to acquire another office space in a short period of time. I always seek her Feng Shui advice whenever I want to look for a new property, be it for office or dwelling purpose.

Beatrix Wong
WSM Medic