What is REIKI?

Reiki is a Japanese word often translated as universal life-force energy or spiritual energy. It is a holistic healing system that encompasses the body, soul and mind.

In Kanji it is written as follows:



The word ‘Ki’ here is similar to Qi Gong, an energy which operates at high vibrations and fast frequencies which makes it difficult for the naked eyes to see.

The source of this spiritual energy is gathered from the universe putting religious belief aside here. Reiki is a non-religious holistic healing system that may be practiced by people from all walks of life. It is a healing system that can heal our body, soul/spirit and mind.

As a natural form of healing system, Reiki can be used as an alternative healing method or therapy to complement or enhance other conventional medical treatments. However, it should not be regarded as a magical cure for any health conditions.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice, we fall sick when the Qi flow in our physical body is not flowing well. Therefore, acupuncture is used to activate/facilitate the qi flow.  Reiki is functioning in almost a similar way.  A Reiki practitioner will draw upon the universal energy to heal and balance the Qi flow of their physical body when performing self-healing or healing for others. Therefore, a Reiki healer’s energy is never depleted.

Reiki energy can be sent to an event, place and people.

How can Reiki benefit you?

Everyone knows that our physical body needs physical exercise to tone up our muscles and keep our body active to have a healthy body. We can go to the gym, practice Tai Chi or Qi Gong as a form of physical exercise.

But little do we know that when we are emotionally stressed, our physical body is affected too. All the negative energies and emotions that are trapped inside our body are hazardous to our body.  If left unchecked, they may lead to chronic illnesses like cancer, dementia, etc.

Through the practice of reiki, when we perform self-healing or healing for others, we are able to purge out all these negative energies through regulating our body’s energy flow systematically. Therefore, in the long run it helps us to balance our chakras and integrate our body, mind and spirit as one.

Your intuition may even be enhanced if you practice reiki consistently and long enough.

For emergencies, while waiting for medical assistance to arrive, reiki is really an invaluable asset. In Tibet, I have personally performed reiki healing to rescue someone who was collapsing due to high altitude sickness. From a bloodless white pale face, a rosy cheek was restored and the guy could even joked with us while pending for the arrival of medical assistance which took half an hour to come.

In another emergency case, a friend of mine who is also a reiki practitioner had a chance to rescue a heart attack passenger when there were no doctors on board the flight. The passenger was relieved until they were safely landed.

Besides that, we can use reiki to relieve pain, migraine, sprained neck and many more.

After practicing reiki for a while, you can learn meditation easily or almost automatically.

Who should attend Reiki?

1. Everyone
2. Physically stressed people
3. Emotionally stressed people
4. Sick or unwell people
5. Those with hidden illnesses in their Ba Zi chart
6. Doctors
7. Family members of cancer patients
8. Family members of the sick
9. Husband and wife

What will you learn in the Reiki course?

Reiki courses are taught in 3 levels:

Level 1:  The basic – hand position techniques are used.

Level 2:  Reiki Symbols and mantras to enhance Reiki’s effectiveness are introduced. Distant healing is introduced too.

Level 3:  Mastery Level – additional Reiki Symbols and mantras are introduced. Attendees are groomed to be a teacher to conduct future Reiki courses. (Not offered at this point of time)

Reiki I & II

(Exclusive private sessions only)

Level 1 (DAY 1)

– Students are introduced to the origins & history of Reiki
– Group & individual attunement is given to all participants to align them to receive Reiki energy (Chakra balancing is included)
– Reiki principles and hand positions for self-healing
– Using Reiki to treat family, friends, pets & plants
– Using Reiki to help personal & global situations
– Practical session

Level 2 (DAY 2)

– Further alignment/attunement to receive Reiki energy
– Introduction of The Reiki Symbols & Mantras
– Using the power of The Reiki Symbols
– Distant Healing with The Reiki Symbols
– Practical session


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还记得西藏那次的高上反应真的让自己体会到头晕,呕吐,天旋地转等感觉想起都怕,还好遇到Amanda 会用宇宙的力量帮我舒缓.

因当时巳经晕到眼睛也睁不开. 但隐隐觉得有一股暖暖的气在自己的头部上游走,过后再加上穴位按摩,医生的點滴才輕鬆一點。

I still remember that the high-altitude sickness in Tibet really made me feel dizzy, vomiting, spinning, etc. I am really frightened when I recalled those moment but fortunately, Amanda was there and used Reiki Healing to help me.

At that time, although I could hardly open my eyes but could faintly felt that there was a warm air flowing on my head. I felt much more relieved and able to wait for the doctor’s arrival, 30 minutes later to put a drip on me.

From: Adam – Tibet Tour
REIKI Raymond, Covid-19

Meditating at Sacred Cave in Nepal

Meditated inside The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

Meditated at the peak of Mt Sinai