Let’s look at FENG SHUI of an iconic place in Malaysia as suggested by my friend, Dato’ James Foo.
KLCC has a big compound with a nice water feature that faces a nice park where many locals like to bring their children for picnic on weekends.

From FENG SHUI perspective, the big compound with water feature and the park is a gigantic BIG BRIGHT HALL, an excellent Feng Shui feature just like the Rockefeller Center in US.

How prosperous is this iconic place?

1. KLCC twin towers is one of the attraction to tourists who are flocking in from far and near.

2. KLCC Suria is a shopping haven to tourists and locals, home to many retail outlets which has one of the highest traffic & sales revenue.

3. KLCC convention center is a venue for many large events, exhibitions & trade fairs that generated millions of sales revenue.

Are those Feng Shui features happened to be there by coincidence? What do you think?
My friend, Rizal Azis confirmed that KLCC was planned in a way with reference to FENG SHUI. His friend was involved with the project (heydays). FENG SHUI was definitely part of it.