Amanda Leong

Amanda was the former General Manager of Europcar Malaysia, who had led her company to be one of the prominent ground operator in the world renowned Formula One event for Malaysia, China and Japan. These were just some of her proven strategic business management skills besides having a good sense of business acumen.

She made the bold decision to step away from a high paying corporate job to spend more time on things that really mattered in her life, like health and relationships including her passion in Metaphysics and Fengshui.

With a goal to unlock the mystery of hidden illnesses which she was personally experiencing, Amanda started learning Reiki, Qi Gong and Chinese Metaphysics like Bazi, Fengshui and QiMenDunJia since 2010.

Today, Amanda is a successful professional Metaphysics, Fengshui & Bazi consultant, trainer and speaker with her own thriving consulting firm. She has successfully helped entrepreneurs improved their wealth, health and relationships through consulting and training. Some of her clients have increased their sales and revenue more than 10X, become MDRT and even won 4D first prize.

Amanda holds a professional marketing qualification from Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Southern Queensland and various masteries in Metaphysics & Fengshui.

She is an international Metaphysics & Fengshui speaker and a Certified Reiki Master & Trainer.

As a HRDF Certified Trainer, these are some of her popular courses:
1. Profiling For Success (PFS). A far more powerful profiling system than DISC
2. Fengshui For Interior Design (FSID)
3. Reiki Training
4. In-house corporate programmes
(If your company contributes to HRDF fund, all the above courses are fully claimable.)

She was the former Vice President of BNI Vibrant, Malaysia and record holder of 17 consecutive months MTL 100 points.

Every now and then, she is invited as guest speaker for some global events participated by thousands of people, to share her successful experiences as a metaphysics consultant.

In 2022, Amanda was selected to represent her field in Metaphysics and Feng Shui, interviewed and featured in the latest edition of ‘Successful people in Malaysia’ by BritishPedia.

“The improvement of my clients who have been following my advice diligently is giving me a great sense of fulfillment in my course of work now.” – Amanda Leong