About Amanda Leong

For more than 20 years, Amanda worked herself all the way to the top as a General Manager in a multi-national organization and holds a Master’s in Business Administration. She has led her company to be one of the prominent ground operator in the world renowned Formula One event not just in the Malaysia, but in China and Japan too. These were just some of her proven business strategies and strategic management skills besides having a strong sense of business acumen.

She made the bold decision to step away from a high paying corporate job to spend more time on things that really mattered in her life, like health and overall well-being.

As a successful investor, Amanda published an e-book on investments as a goal to share her successful experiences and insights to ensure new investors are able to learn and avoid making the common mistakes as a new investor would.

With a goal to unlock the mystery of hidden illnesses which she was personally experiencing, Amanda started learning Reiki, Qi Gong and Chinese Metaphysics like Ba Zi, Feng Shui and Qi Men Dun Jia since 2010. Today, Amanda is a Reiki Master and professional metaphysics consultant. She has successfully used Ba Zi to diagnose the hidden health issues that are not detectable by western medical professionals (doctors) and used Reiki, an alternative healing method to heal herself and others.

Her corporate experience, modern and practical approach on Metaphysics sets her apart from the older and traditional practitioners in the field because she is able to offer practical strategic business advices to her clients, guiding them to make better decisions with this ancient wisdom.

Every now and then, she is invited as a guest speaker for some global events participated by thousands of people, to share her successful experiences as a metaphysics consultant.

“The improvement of my clients who have been following my advice diligently is giving me a great sense of fulfillment in my course of work now.” – Amanda Leong